Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Little Lessons

Today I learned another little lesson.  *sigh*.  I thought I'd make the most of having a day off work to do some stitching.  The boy had a day off and wanted to go guitar shopping to choose the birthday present I had promised him, so I took a day too.   I planned to sew in the afternoon.  

I had my two new Simplicity patterns (pajamas and A-line skirt) all lined up and the fabric for the PJs all washed and ready to rock.  (I should say I know you can make PJ bottoms without a pattern but I wanted to ease myself into the world of commercial patterns gently with an item that is supposedly easy to do.)  Sew anyway...*snarf*...I had planned to be a bit of a smarty pants and trace the pattern onto tracing paper so I could reuse it in different sizes if I ever needed to.  I measured my dimensions, sussed out the size I needed, whipped out the pattern and tracing paper and....realised I had ordered the wrong pattern sizes for both garments.  GGNAHHAH!  I am usually a UK 10 on top and a 10-12 on my bottom half depending on the cut and material (more often a 12 than a 10 if I'm honest!).  So I figured a pattern going up to a Medium would be fine.  Well it's not - my measurements showed I needed a Large.    So another little sewing lesson learned - sewing patterns don't size up in the same way as garments from high street shops.  Having a little google around confirmed that this is a well known fact amongst you sewists.  Why didn't anyone tell meeeeee?!

Luckily I ordered the patterns on Amazon using Prime so back in the post they go tomorrow for a refund.  And I didn't do any sewing.  Bah, humbug.


  1. I didn't know that about patterns. But then again, I have never purchased a pattern set like you are talking about. Good to know. I hope you get the new pattern soon.

    1. It's ok, I don't hold you personally responsible ;-) It's all part of the fun and learning