Thursday, 17 October 2013

More Makes

Good job I don't have kids as I would be a terrible, negligent parent.  Only a few posts in and I virtually abandoned my poor baby blog!  Life got in the way over the last couple of weeks - the obligatory autumn illness, the boy's birthday and such.  It did not, I'm glad to say, stop me sewing!

First up, the apron I made in Week 3 of the sewing course.  It's a kind of cute, vintage style pinny and we also made matching polka dot head scarves - very funny.  

Guess who found the 'effects' options in iPhoto!
I think it was the hardest thing we made so I'm surprised we didn't do this in the final week. The pleats especially were super tricky to do!  It ties round the waist and is reversible - the same the other side just without the pocket.

Week 4 (the final week - booo!) was left open for the class to decide what we wanted to make.  We settled on little bags/purses as we all wanted to learn how to sew a zip.  

This is the first one I made in class and I mainly wanted to show you this because of their funky polka dot table covering!  We were allowed to bust out the fancy fabrics for these - oooo, pretty!

I made a second, smaller one while I was there (brown one below) and then another one when I got home (you can never have enough small purses to put things in, right?!) that I made flat-bottomed so that it stands up.  

They are all lined with complementary material.

I think of the four weeks, these little bags are the things I am most pleased with in terms of the finished items.  They are also a great little make as it takes such little fabric - you can practically make them out of scraps.

So, the four week course flew by.  I was toying with the idea of signing up to the six week dressmaking course that starts this month but I decided I wanted a little more sewing experience under my belt first as I would get frustrated trying to do something so much more advanced.  There is another four week course starting in January on a similar level to the one I just completed but making different things so I think I will join that one instead.

In between times I will keep my sew on.  I have just yesterday ordered my first pattern (eeek!).  On the advice of Tilly I am going to have a stab at the McCalls 5248 pattern for some PJ bottoms.  I will show and tell once complete.  

Bon weekend, folks, when it gets here!


  1. Oh my gosh! Super cute apron. Awesome job on the pleats. I haven't attempted those yet.Maybe you can write a little tutorial about how to do them from a new sewer point of view. I love the little purses you made in your week 4 class. Learning how to install a zipper is a good skill to have. I am drooling over the dressmaking class...that's sounds like fun and makes me totally want to sign up for something at my local sewing center. But it's a good distance away from my house, and my work schedule may not allow me to attend anyway, and my kids would be sort of lost without me. Yeah, there's alot to think about, but I really should see what classes they have and times and everything. I'm so glad to see that you enjoyed your sewing sessions. Looking forward to the PJ bottoms.

    1. Thanks Jackie. And congrats on your ribbons at the State Fair! I'm hoping to find time to try the PJs at the weekend. I also bought a pattern for an A-Line skirt that arrived in the post today but it's got darts and notches and all sorts of scary stuff going on! Think I'll buy some muslin at the weekend so I can have a play with it first as I'm sure I'll mess it up first go (and second and probably third!) :-/

    2. Yeah. That happens, but you might be pleasantly surprised. From other sewing bloggers I've read they all say to just go for it and try new things. That always scares me a little but when I look at the projects I do I realized that I do that exact thing.