Saturday, 28 September 2013

Cushions and Carriers!

Another busy week has come and gone and another fab sewing class attended.  I really enjoyed this week and I feel like I'm getting to grips with the construction side of things and the techniques are starting to make sense.

This week we made cushion covers.  The idea was to embellish them, but as you will see from my pictures I kept mine fairly plain.  This was partly because I prefer an unfussy style but also because I decided to keep things simple and not overstretch myself in the class as I didn't want to feel rushed.  As it happened I could have probably done more as I had time to spare at the end.  It wasn't wasted though, as I spent the time picking our tutor's brain with all my many sewing queries, playing with the fancy stitches on the machines (we're using a Singer Confidence which is a great machine to play with) and even learning how to sew a button hole!  Ooo, fancy!

This is my cushion front.  I love the flower power material, which I think was an old duvet cover.  I embellished it with a denim style ribbon which matches the back.  I wanted the ribbon over the the left a bit more but it didn't quite work out that way!

This is the back, which is made of an off-cut of lightweight denim,  The yellow insert with the buttons is made from a recycled man's shirt - ingenious!  I love the fact that the class encourages recycling and upcycling.

This week's project was quite timely as we're in the middle of decorating our living room and this will be the first cushion to proudly adorn our new sofas when they arrive next week!

I was such a keen little sewing bunny after my cushion success that I did some more sewing at home today and produced this little wonder(!).  

Oh, you say you can spot the deliberate mistake? No, silly, owls are meant to hang upside down like bats, right?  Oh.  Well it holds my spare carrier bags just fine and seeing as it's going to take pride of place hanging in the garage this time I will save my blushes...

Tomorrow was going to be pyjama bottom making but, frustratingly, I'm about two inches short of the fabric I need so that will have to wait.  I'm sure I will find something to make though - I'm becoming an addict!


  1. Super cute pillow! I like the yellow flower fabric and the contrasting ribbon detail. You mean owls aren't supposed to be upside down? :) I like it anyway. They can be different if they want. Maybe for the pajama bottoms you can add some fabric you already have to the bottom so that you can get the length you need...? If length is the issue you are having.

    1. Thanks Jackie! I have to admit I was pleased with my cushion. It's such a lovely feeling turning random bits of fabric into something pretty and useful - love it!

      Sadly I am two inches short on the width for the PJs. Not to worry - I work opposite a great market that sells fabric at a really reasonable price so I will pick some more up on Monday.