Monday, 16 September 2013

So What's With the Quiet?

When I was trying to think of a name for this blog I played with a few "Oh Sew..." variants, many of which were already taken.   Then "Oh Sew Quiet" popped into my head and I suddenly realised it was perfect and wondered why I hadn't thought of it before.  I thought I would explain further.

If a total stranger (i.e. you!) asked someone close to me to describe me I'm not sure they would necessarily say "introvert".  I think that often, when someone thinks of what an introvert looks like they might say "shy" or "quiet".  I identify as an introvert but I'm not really either of those things.  I can talk to strangers pretty easily, I like people and I'm not too shabby when asked to make a presentation at work.  However, I still think of myself as an introvert. 

One of the main characteristics that aligns me with the world of introverts is what tires me and what energises me.  I'll be honest, I'm not at all keen on parties or big group gatherings.  Even though I'm getting on a bit (30+!) it's not an age thing - I've been this way forever.  When I was younger, and especially when I was at university, I felt like I *should* love going to parties and hanging out with tons of people.  I felt bad that in actual fact that really did little for me and actually made me feel like I needed to retreat and recover.  What I have found, and accepted, over time is that I much prefer and value time spent with a few people at a time,  when I can actually share thoughts and ideas and connect on a more individual level.  I also value time to myself, even though I don't think of myself as "antisocial".

Another real challenge for me is noise.  Whether the noise be music, a cranked up TV or just a lot of background chatter, I often feel noise to be exhausting.  I mean genuinely, physically tiring.  I only realised this about myself in the last couple of years.  In the past I would feel that my shoulders were hunched and I was feeling tense and irritable without knowing why.  Now I realise -  turn off that damned radio or move to a quieter workspace, and instantly, as if by magic, I can feel ten times better.  It's like a world of stress has lifted from my shoulders.  Odd, huh?

My communication styles and preference also fit with an introverted personality type.  I find that I can express myself much more fluently in writing than in speech - both in English (my mother tongue) and in French (which I have studied to a fairly advanced level).

I used to beat myself up a bit for being the way I am.  However I now understand that I am not alone and, in fact, there is a greater understanding/appreciation around nowadays for introverts (this is one of my next reads).  I still think society at large is more geared towards accepting and rewarding extroverts.  That is perhaps another post for another day.

All of this is another reason, I think, why I am finding that I enjoy the calm and peace I feel when I am sewing.  Even when I am cursing because I have messed up again!  

So that's the story behind "Oh Sew Quiet".  And besides, it's a funky song, even for an introvert  ;-)


  1. You are definitely not alone in the introvert thing. Your descriptions fit me too. I have improved in the areas of being more sociable in large crowds, but those types of things don't interest me much. I don't like loud noises either for the same reasons. I like your blog title. I'm fairly new to sewing as well!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jackie. Nice to know someone has found my little, shiny new blog!

      The noise thing is a weird one. It was a revelation when I realised how much it can affect me.

      Just took a look at your blog - cute banner!. You don't look like a sewing novice to me! And a studio - how exciting!

    2. Hi! Thanks for joining my followers on my blog. I found you through a comment you left on the Make it and Love it blog. I like Ashley's site.
      I have only been working on the sewing thing for 2.5 years and had/have no idea what I was/am doing. I wanted to make some pillowcase dresses for my then just turned 1 year old daughter. I ended up finding Dana's website, She is amazing with tutorials and patterns, some of which are free! She mainly does kids clothing but sometimes she adapts the same concepts to adults and makes something for herself as well. Then, from there I found other blogs...then pinterest...and just kept trying new things.
      The studio...we ran out of space in the house because two children took up both available bedrooms and I didn't like having to stop in the middle of a project and move things around just because we needed to eat dinner. So I saved up some money and eventually found a contractor to add-on to an existing outdoor building we had so I could have my own sewing space and not have to clean up to eat dinner. I think I am going to enjoy it when it is completely functional.

    3. Thanks for the link - I will check out Dana's site. One thing I love about sewing/crafting so far is how many awesome websites, blogs etc there are out there. Some very talented and passionate people.

      I totally relate to the dining room table thing - that's where I have to work at the moment. Perhaps one day I'll get a separate room. It's not too much of a problem for now as I am so new to all of this that I don't have a lot of equipment and materials, but I suspect that will be a growing problem in the not too distant future!